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In strelix, we work our hardest to provide you with the Best Service. Our prices are fair, our Features are worth it and it's just for you!

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Fully customise your website how you wish!

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We allow you to always be able to add other users to your Work.

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With strelix, we have Active Staff members to help you if you need! Our service is 100% online and if we're going down we will tell you in advanced!

Fun & competitive

Show off your amazing Creations to others!

Online Stores

Need to take bookings? No problem, We allow you to use E-Commerce addons!

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Our team will solve technical issues to get your websites up and running as soon as possible!

WordPress Builder

When you get your website, you can install wordpress and edit all your pages easily!

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Website Developer
"Amazing Services | Thanks! Amazing Services! Been with them since the start and they've recently stopped doing the product i was using. It was sad to have to leave, but i've been happy with my service! Good luck with anything else you do!"
Anonymous User
I Like The Website But The Problem Is That The Server Is Getting Restarted By It's Self
Anonymous User
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